In a continuation of yesterday’s post, I thought I would post my favorite song from the 2008 elections. It seems like it was more than a year ago, but it really wasn’t. In watching this video, I was reminded of exactly how I felt last November. Like many of you, I was in need of some hope, prayer, and unity. Our nation was so bitterly divided and in need of a new direction.

Even though many have become impatient with the pace of President Obama’s reforms, I think it is important to consider the immense burden that his predecessors have left him. We cannot expect to fix eight years of a mess in just one.

Please enjoy this video. It was great to relive the moment…


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I noticed yesterday that I was a little behind on the current season of “Auto-Tune the News.” So, I found this video featuring the group’s lastest compilation. Essentially, it’s a mockery of the UN Summit held last fall. Very funny. Can YOU smell the hope?


Today’s February 1st, the official beginning of Black History Month. Since President Obama has been elected, many have stated that we have reached the top of Dr. King’s proverbial “mountaintop.” In many ways, I would like to believe that the United States has, in fact, done so. President Obama’s election was undoubtedly the crowning achievement of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s and a moment of hope amidst a national history stained by racial undertones.
As I spend some time again thinking about what President Obama means to the way race is perceived in the United States, I can’t help but think that there is still plenty to be done. One election does not signify the removal of prejudice from our society. In a nation founded on the principles of equality, racism has been synonymous with our growth and development. It cannot be so easily removed.

Any thoughts?

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In perhaps the most interesting episode of President Obama’s “State of the Union” address this week, the president deicded that he would work to ensure that the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow outside corporations to influence campaign finances would be overturned. Interesting, enough. Unlike previous presidents, who reserved their criticisms of the court for more discrete settings, the president used the speech before a joint-session of Congress to express his opposition.

Here’s the question: Should the president openly criticize the Supreme Court?

If you think about it, the question is a bit more difficult than it seems. The Supreme Court was intended to be an entity completely removed from the influence of the political sphere. So, even though it seems like the president should be able to speak about what he wishes, his ability to openly criticize the Court might ultimately injure its effectiveness as originally intended.

What do you think?

CNN announced today in an early afternoon news alert that Sarah Palin has officially signed a contract with Fox New Channel to become a recurring contributer. Now, if I didn’t see this coming after her failed presidential campaign and her “Quitters don’t Quit” resignation from the Alaska governorship, then I don’t know who did. It’s about time that Sarah capitalized on her, uh, wit? Intellect? Experience? Oh, wait…
I’d like to reference my post from a few days ago. “The Times” predicted that things were about to get highly partisan in the US. Perhaps Sarah’s entry into the world of media will help to make the Republican party just that more obsolete…